About the Artist

Jennifer Casady is a third-generation jewelry designer who began her fascination with jewelry as a young girl.  With artisan blood deep within her soul, hands that are never still, and a passion for creating, Jennifer finds inspiration all around her from the nature that God created.  From the sound of music, to a certain color scheme, or simply the beautiful gemstones themselves, Jennifer takes that inspiration and uses it to create her modern, feminine and bohemian jewelry.

Using genuine gemstones, lab created gemstones, a wide variety of crystals and Sterling Silver, Jennifer hand creates each piece in her studio. The majority of her pieces are deliberately created dainty and petite, elegant in their modern simplicity and expertly crafted, designed to be a whisper against a neckline or a subtle hint of color at your ears.  Most pieces are created as unique, One of a Kind pieces or only available in a very Limited Edition run.  

Jennifer is constantly striving to broaden and perfect her varied skills and is completely self-taught.  Her artisan skills include metalsmithing, wire wrapping, working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and the ancient and beautiful art of chainmail.  Each step of jewelry creation is methodical and precise, with great attention to detail - from the disctinct care in each wrap of wire to the careful sanding and professional finish she gives each creation.

Jennifer's studio is at home in Northern Virginia where she lives with her wonderful husband, their three daughters and cat spending her days homeschooling, creating her jewelry and enjoying nature as God created it.