New Handmade Silver Earrings Added Today to my Etsy Shop

Posted by Jennifer Casady on 29th Jul 2015

I realized I have not updated my blog in eons and as I added several new pairs of earrings to my Etsy Shop today I should post here on my blog the new pieces I added.  

One of my favorite styles of earrings is my Long Marquise Earrings.  Everyone loves blue and green which is why I add so many pieces created in those colors.  Not to mention that they are two of my favorite colors. *grin* Both colors sell quickly which is why I create pieces with them more often than other colors.  My Long Marquise Earrings are completely created by hand.  They start with a length of silver, shaped into the marquise shape, curved and then hammered. Repeat. *grin*  Once I attach the wire wrapped gemstones I oxidize them to a dark black, buff them with steel wool (seriously messy, btw) and tumble polish to a lovely muted shine. 

Long Marquise Earrings in Iolite Quartz and Sterling Silver ~

These are also stocked in my Etsy shop in Emerald and Blue Topaz.  Ruby and Watermelon Pink are sitting on my bench waiting to be buffed by hand, tumble polished, photographed and listed.  Lord willing, hopefully I can get these completed and listed soon.

Two more pairs of Adorned Aubrey Earrings (the longer version) are now in stock in my Etsy shop:

Pink Watermelon Quartz (pictured above) and Ruby Quartz, both with Sterling Silver.

I am working on creating more of my Love Knot Earrings.  These tend to sell quickly once I post them as available for sale on my Facebook page:  

Rhodolite Garnet (pictured above) and Spring Green Quartz (pictured below) with Sterling Silver are both available. 

My next few pieces will be Tracey Earrings in a variety of colored gemstones and Sterling Silver beads.  My last pair of Tracey Earrings (with a bohemian flair) sold quickly and I would love to offer them in various colors.  Here is the Blue Chalcedony pair that sold so quickly (yes, I will be remaking this pair!):

And speaking of to the studio I go!  Orders need to be worked and shipped on so I can create new pieces!